About The Students

Muzna Akbar:
I realizethat everyone needs something to work towards, a goal; a passion. Normally it’s the positives or material gain that motivates; Shiny and sparkly, rainbows and butterflies.

For me, that’s not the case. What keeps me going, a long term goal, is my undying need to help animals. Why? Well, it’s simple.

To begin elaborating, I must first clarify that for me an “issue” is described as an inconvenience that threatens my safety, not “hair problems”.

When you have a problem, you look for the smallest little spec that could be causing it. Following the same principle, in my opinion, the most problems I face, are the problems of Karachi. To me, the prosperity of a nation is evident with the treatment of those with little or no rights; the inhabitants who lack the agency to voice the problems let alone fight against them. Who are these?

The animals: the stray dogs with flees or a broken leg, from a car that didn’t slow down, that the vet couldn’t fix. Why? Because a) people have become so dehumanized from all the violence that an animal just doesn’t matter anymore or b) because the government doesn’t fund the treatment let alone their safety.

What of the overpopulation of infected cats? Just the treatment at Indus Valley, alone, is heart-wrenching. The cats are everywhere, not safe for them nor us. The students will randomly kick the cats or smack them with a bottle or even throw food at them.

At an inter-chapter parliamentary style debate back at Beaconhouse, a speaker said that we live in a world that follows the motto: survival of the fittest. He suggested that animals shouldn’t be used for agriculture, transport, recreation nor kept in zoos for their natural instinct is to survive. My question is, can literate active members of the society actually believe that we are not supposed to look after innocent animals? Are we really that emotionless as to be immune to violence that animals face? Does chained or sexually exploited animals or animal make up testing nor the electrocution of puppies (video shared over Facebook) for their fur not matter to us more than money or relationship problems? Does the government not owe the animals who help with the national agriculturally collected revenue?


Andrea D’souza:

One quality that I love about myself is the  love for animals and ever since my dog passed away a few years back  I try my best to always be out there to help any in need. My dogs are a part of my family and hold a special place in my heart, they may be fury, stinky and dirty at times, but who cares I love them anyways. Most people think I’m crazy when I say this, but seriously it doesn’t really bother me anymore. I love being the way I am! I believe a pet never lets you down, they have unconditional love, it’s just the way you treat them. Another thing I’m passionate about is photography and the photography I do usually revolves around animals, specially my dogs. In future at some point I would definitely take wild life photography into consideration.


Ayesha Naveed:

Passion is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion. We all have such emotions for a particular thing in our life. Something we can die for, spend our entire life doing. My passion is to make something out of my life. Spend it on making a difference. Differences that will help change the lives of a countless number of people. My passion is to make such an impact with my life that one day I can make it to the Time Magazines 100 Most Influential People in the World List. It is not an easy road but it’s a path I am committed to take up. The first step on this road was to start up a charity that helps feed the less privileged people in our country. I take that as the starting point to a journey that I believe has no end. For many people it is a hassle, an extra burden that most do not want to take. For me, it is what keeps me going. The road to success is a difficult one. Every time you feel like you are one step closer to where you want to be, a hundred things will pull you a hundred miles back. It’s your passion; your vision of what your destination looks like that keeps you going. I know what I want from my life. It is a vivid image imprinted in my head and that is what keeps me going every single day.

As Albert Einstein put it, ‘Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile’.


Hafsa Sakaria

Well, For me my passion developed last semester when I bought my first DSLR camera for my photography course.I learnt how to use the camera, started seeing things in a beautiful way. I never thought I could capture moments, relationships and memories like i do now. I never find anything ugly now, i always see perspective, depth, contrast, light , shade which always make it so much alluring. I have spent countless number of hours behind the camera, learning how I can improve and make myself better.

I get really enthusiastic when it comes to photography, I love making people smile, capturing moments and the best part is looking at the pictures after months. iI ove when i can still feel the essence of the picture. I absolutely love freezing moments , i did a montage of a landscape from a 22nd floor of a building, the view was stunning and distorting it the way I wanted really made me happy. I love being the owner of the picture, I can do what so ever with the picture, editing- cropping, distorting, use amazing filters and create something unusual.


Feroza Gulzar:

Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved the adventure of travel. It has always been a passion, my first love. My whole life has been geared towards travel, and for that I am learning different languages, so I could travel, meet new people, talk to them, share their experiences and also to teach languages and get paid for it.

Feeling of an explorer in a different country, discovering a new land, a new language and the challenges that come along with it.For me travelling is everything, it’s something I can never separate from myself. It broadens your mind in so many ways. You meet new people, share new experiences. The feeling you get after landing in a new place and trying to figure it all out myself. Where to get money, how to speak the language, how to get a train. I am certainly not really worried about being able to go anywhere, anytime. I love the freedom it gives, when you are on your own you get to know yourself better.


Zoya Nadeem Kazmi

One thing I have always dreamed about is of playing a piano. I’ve been learning how to play it since a few years now and one of my all-time favorite pieces to play is “prelude” by J.S Bach. What I love about this piece is that it’s so calm, relaxing and it just changes my mood. This is one piece that I love listening to all the time because it not only relaxes me but also opens up my mind in many ways. Playing piano has now become my passion and I want to keep practicing and learning it further and further. In future I hope to take lessons at a professional level so that I’m able to play it more confidently.


Rabia Khan.

Photography is an art, no different from any other visual art form. Art is a part of who we are. We all have the inner ability to appreciate Art and it’s in our nature to invest heavily in Arts even if it has no actual purpose.

I need Art in my everyday life. Be it a breathtaking painting,well directed movie, a beautifully captured photograph,an interesting book,soothing music or a beautifully designed dress. Art allows me to live a well balanced life. To me, Art is a way of living. It is a way of expressing what I feel through multiple mediums, the most important being photography. For me, photography is a passion that I want to take forward. I want to turn this passion into a profession and spend my life doing something that I love doing the most.
I believe, if you’re inspired then you can do anything! I want to take Photography as a minor and follow my dream. Photography sparks a very special feeling inside me. Photography is one thing that helps me get away from stress and the hectic school life. Some years down the road, I want to be able to look at a photograph realizing that I have captured that one moment, and also realizing that that moment is now a memory, is the best feeling alone!



Maha Minhaj

Call me flirtatious but my passions change from time to time.
There was a time when I was zealous and passionate about Sufism.
Although I had never been the religious type nor was I ever punctual
about praying five times a day; the book, written by Elif Shafak, ‘The
40 Rules of Love’ brought me somewhat spiritually closer to God. And
then just like that, slowly and steadily without realizing, my passion
and zeal for sufism faded like evanescence, and it was taken
over by a zeal to learn languages, namely: Italian and French. After
the spoken languages it was the sign language (english) and after that
I had three more interests.
But these were only my outward or temporary passions or
‘infatuations’. The actual passion that has always been a part of me,
that sleeps and wakes everyday within my subconscious mind is the
desire to study art and to try to make a difference with it. Coming
from a long line of doctors, business graduates, engineers and
educationalists, art was something very alien to my family. It was my
father who proposed and believed in my longing to study art and it is
through the works that I wish to make a difference into this world.


Farehah Aftab

Passion is a towering emotion of love it’s like the relationship between a flower and a butterfly. They both cannot be parted. Flowers are like their birth beds, and rewards them with liquor, sweet fluid (nectar). But sometimes in our race of life it takes ages to find that love. For me 2014 was a very happening year, where I made some very bold decisions in my life. One being my transfer of department from Textiles to Fine Arts. It was then when I realized that my true calling was fine arts instead of textile design. I felt that I could put my heart and soul into this field because of its freedom of expression that textiles limit me with. In fine arts, I can bring the best of my capabilities. It is my wish and goal to express myself through my work.


Razin Rubin

Almost seven years back, our family friends from Germany came to visit us. Their son gave us his usb and asked us to copy all the media from his device to our computer. He just wanted us to hear some new songs, so we copied all the media to our computer and gave him back his usb. Next day my sister played all the songs we got from his device, and we loved them, and that was the first time I heard about Hillsong United. From that day I become so much crazy about them. Later I started downloading their songs, pictures, and videos, and took information about Hillsong. Hillsong is a church situated in Sydney, Australia, whereas Hillsong United is the band of this church. Few months later I just got so much interest in Hillsong that I decided that one day after completing my education I will somehow go there and meet them all personally. Later, I found out that there is a Hillsong Bible College in Sydney, and then I decided that okay done, after completing my education I will join Hillsong Bible College. Then few years later after I got admission in Indus Valley I decided that I will take photography as my minor subject and I will learn photography. And after getting a fine art degree I will write a letter to Hillsong and ask them for a job for photography, and if they will not accept it then I will go there and take admission in Hillsong College and I will take photography as my subject and get a degree and from this I will become a part of a Hillsong family. I have always desired to somehow become a part of Hillsong, and I am really sure that one day I will be working with them.


Jovita Alvares:

Since grade school, we have always been questioned as to what our passions were and for me it has always remained the same. Ever since I was a young girl, I would sit alone with a bunch of blank pages and just draw things around me. I would always try my best to copy cartoon characters, and various storybook illustrations.  We had art classes in school but I felt I learned more on my own by just doodling around rather than having such structured assignments. Eventually, I did learn that those boring classes were in fact important and I could see my work improve over the years.

Taking art as a subject was always a difficult decision for me. Coming from a family of businessmen, I’ve always had that lingering voice in the back of my head telling me the career path I should choose. In my A’levels I started out with Mathematics, Economics and Psychology but I was so disheartened because I wasn’t getting a chance to do any sort of sketching. After a few months, I finally decided to take up art, along with my first three subjects and was determined to do well in all my classes. I had to endure several clashes during the week , catch up with a bunch of old assignments but I willed myself to keep going because I knew that art was where my passion lay. 

 There were times in my life when things weren’t going so well and drawing was usually my way of separating myself from that situation. It may be a bit cliché that an art student’s passion is drawing, but that’s one of the main reasons that I actually decided to join an art school. I would rather study something that is close to me and help further improve it.


Misha Nafees

I remember, as a kid, whenever my mother had to go to a function and she would be dressing up, she would call me to observe whilst she did her makeup. She knew how much I liked makeup and loved the way I always be so mesmerized by it.

So while growing up I started to have this weird obsession with collecting cosmetics. This obsession grew with watching makeup tutorials on YouTube all day long. The more I obsessed over makeup the more my father dislikes it. A few years before I joined Indus Valley, I tried to convince my father to let me pursue makeup but my efforts were in vain. Recently we started our painting block which I love doing as I believe it very similar to makeup; this is because of the way we have to blend the different shades. Since I have found a part of my obsession with makeup in art I am very satisfied with my choice of joining an art school.

Zoila Brenna Solomon

I remember the time i got my first camera, it was an OLYMPUS with a negative roll, all silvery and box like. I would take it around with me to every party and outing and couldn’t wait to develop the negatives. As time flew by my dad bought me a KONICA MINOLTA point and shoot and trust me i was over the moon just because i was so fascinated by the fact that i could click pictures, save them and not have to develop them. I’d go around clicking pictures of almost anything and everything and for some reason i seemed to enjoy it even though they were just random pictures ranging from those of flies to flowers.
Till one day, a friend mentioned a DSLR. For a minute i was like oh okay, this guy likes to use cameras and stuff but then i saw his portfolio and i was mind blown – I actually thught clickig pictures that good was impossible. In time to come i started to learn a lot fromthat friend of mine. I enjoyed learning basic tips and techniques and all about the camera body and lens and since i was doing my A Levels at that time i took up photogaphy as an extra curricular activity and started learning a lot from a professional photographer who visited us on a weekly basis. I was completely enjoying this stuff, every Sunday i’d make it a point to visit Empress Market or Sunday Bazaar with my point and shoot just to practice all that i was learning. In time to come my father bought me a DSLR and to date that’s my most expensive possession that’s extremely close to my heart. Getting the DSLR meant more pictures and enhanced quality and i was thouroughly enjoying my new toy. I’d stay up nights researching camera related news on the internet or google world famous photographers and admire their work in hopes to be like them one day.
On completing my A Levels the professional photographer who was teaching me, offered me a job to work with him and assisst him for weddings and othes occasions and to date i’m still working with him and enjoying my self to the fullest.
I think it’s my love for clicking pictures and capturing moments that can only be remembered through pictures is what helps in trying to make me better everyday and made me chose photography as a minor.

 Nimrah Nadeem

My passion is writing. I don’t write quite as often or as well as I wish I did. But I do know why I write. I do it because maybe this impulse is so fleeting. My urge to write is akin to an ache deep inside, as though opening black wounds onto pages will somehow ease it away. Is it a warped preservation instinct? Is it like the involuntary flinch when you sense an impending blow, or that moment when you whirl away from the fire because you have been singed, or that instant when you lick a paper cut to ease the sting?

Perhaps it is the knowledge of the inevitability of forgetting. Of never being able to evoke the same emotions in myself again. It isn’t as though I always want to stop time. I just want to trap moments in amber. I just want to put them somewhere, where I know that I have something to look back on. Something to trigger the nostaglia I feel when I find old photographs or old writing. I can sense myself changing every day, for better or for worse. I am acutely aware of how time, experiences, the people that wander into my life are constantly influencing the metamorphosis.

All I want is to be able to have a piece of who I am in this moment a year from now. A year from now they willbe nothing but words of a version of myself. They will be all that remain of who I am at this moment in time. My notebooks are my anchors, my bookmarks.

Am I more terrified of forgetting or being forgotten? Questions like this are why I want to keep writing. Half the time, we find the answers in even more questions. It never ends, and that’s both comforting and disconcerting.


Passion is a compelling emotion towards a thing. Perhaps, I’m not passionate about one thing but rather a bunch of activities. As I was writing this essay I realized I’m easily attracted towards new areas and the old ones lose their accord. I was going to write this essay about painting as my ‘passion’ but I realized there is one thing that I have been doing as a child and come to acknowledge it as my passion. That is watching the discovery and history channel, I remember countless documentaries on various excavation sites, marine life, even new inventions. It compelled me to see how previously people lived their lives, the necessities of life were same but different technology used to achieve the same result. The documentaries were so graphic, that I felt I was part of that era. It instigated me to learn new things. Hence my ‘passion’ or hobby easily shifted from one enterprise to another in real life. The documentaries I enjoyed the most were on the history channel, it is the irony that kept me captivated as each era had a boom and decline. Alas the popular saying goes what goes up must come down. Still as a nation or a race altogether we keep repeating history. I believe nothing can be achieved if the context or background is unknown. Therefore the more I acquire about the past the more radically I can think and reflect it in the art that I will do.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it- William Chur







I have been passionate about gardening since my childhood and have inherited it from my father. He loved gardening too, and in his spare time he used to plant the seasonal flowers out front and vegetables in our back garden. I used to sit beside him, playing with mud and helping in my own little way.


Since I have grown up and have continued to love gardening, I now plant seasonal flowers in our front yard, water them and prune shrubs and trees on our property. Gardening relaxes my nerves and calm my mood, especially in the early morning when I walk barefoot on the grass and the sweet smell of flowers coupled with the singing of birds make me feel like I am in heaven.


When I look at the colours and the variety of flowers, how they grow from bud to blossom, how all trees come out from small seed, it takes me on a journey of inspiration and of the utmost admiration of our creator. When my hands are covered in mud and I am sitting on the ground it also makes me feel closer to nature and to my roots, for me all created from mud and will on day return to it.




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